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August 17, Learning the Ropes Part Three, Rawking Horse Ranch, Briones, CA

Learning the cowboy art of roping can be a beautiful, horizon-expanding experience. Or it can be overwhelming, frustrating and downright dangerous. This is true for both the horse and the prospective cowboy or cowgirl. Learning the Ropes is a three-part series is designed to teach the basics of roping to riders and their horses in a way that is safe and understandable. In Part One I’ll show you the basics of rope handling: how to coil, swing, throw and dally, as well as exercises to get your horse comfortable with the rope. From there we can progress to handling reins and rope together, positioning for the throw, handling the rope after a catch and what to do if trouble arises in Parts Two and Three. We’ll be using a towable roping dummy instead of live cattle to minimize the danger to horse and rider. Because each step in this process is so important, these clinics are only available as a full series. Register on the June 15 tab.

Auditors welcome

Please no dogs at Rawking Horse.