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April 27, Trails, Trailers and Trailer Safety, Rawking Horse Ranch, Briones, CA

Trail riders, it’s your turn! At this clinic there’ll be obstacles for sure but we’re going beyond just that. During the riding session I’ll be covering topics such as what to do when one horse is too fast but another is too slow, jigging, balking, riding alone, or riding in a group with a horse who does not play well with others - all sorts of things that can challenge a trail rider. Then, in the trailering session, we’ll get into the nuts and bolts of the matter. Do you know how to tell if your hitch is properly secured? How to change a tire in a pinch? How to check the floor or how to use your mirrors? Yup, I’ll even do a trailer loading demo with the hows and whys and what to look fors. Come and join us on the 27th and get ready for this trail season!