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February 16, Flagging Clinic, Rawking Horse Ranch, Briones, CA

This is the first in a three-part monthly series (2/16, 3/16, 4/20). Designed in a way that each clinic lays the foundation for the next, so you can develop solid fundamentals and remember them! The mechanical cow, or “flag,” can be a great teaching tool for your horse when used correctly. Learn to use it the right way - these clinics are structured to help your horse improve his balance, agility and strength. You’ll have fun while you’re at it too. There will be plenty of individual instruction on important flag working principles to help bring out the most in your horse. Good horsemanship, form and movement will be stressed at all times. Because I strongly believe in not skipping any steps, I will be offering a $60 discount to those who buy the whole series. $270 for all three clinics or $110 for each. Sign up today!

* (please no dogs at Rawking Horse)