Private Lessons 

You get my undivided attention, an hour at a time, in anything from groundwork and riding to trailer loading.
My primary focus is in developing a good foundational relationship between horse and rider. If you’re new to horses that can mean just having fun with them—getting off on the right foot so you can relax and step safely into their world. As you progress, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of things such as how your horse’s thought process works and the precise biomechanics of riding. I’ll work with you and your horse (or one of mine) to get that solid equine partnership everybody dreams of. We’ll begin with an analysis of where you are and why you’re there and then develop a plan that will take you where you want to go.

2019 Lesson Prices 
One hour private - $90

One hour semi-private/group - $75


I take in a very limited number of outside horses for training. Because I strongly believe no one can make your equine partnership for you, my training program for outside horses works like this:
·         You must commit to coming out for a lesson with your horse at least twice a week. (But more is better—you’re encouraged to come out as often as possible!)
·         I will work with your horse on the days you do not come out.
·         We will work with your horse on his schedule. That’s what I do with mine.
·         If there is something you are not comfortable doing with your horse, you can practice on one of mine until you get the hang of it.
I’m very excited to offer this unique program to those who are truly committed to good horsemanship. It’s a chance to get a ground-level knowledge of your horse that few people achieve.

2019 Training Prices 
$850/month for training and lessons, plus board.

What is a Foundational Relationship?

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